Cooperative Agreement With

(1 MB) Infographic: What is a cooperation agreement? ACAs that are registered in accordance with item 208 (a) (2) (A) are published in the federal registry. Prior to the implementation of the ACA, the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security (“Secretary”) will assess and decide categorically whether a country to which foreigners would be deported under such an agreement “provides access to a comprehensive and fair process for determining an asylum application or equivalent temporary protection.” INA 208 (a) (2) (A), 8 U.S.C. 1158 (a) (2) (A). Section 208 A bis (A) of the INA also requires that the life and liberty of a foreigner not be put at risk because of protected soil in a third country with which the United States has an ACA. This rule is the result of individualized threshold screening allowing a foreigner to create a fear of being prosecuted in the third country to which he would be deported because of an ACA. 7. As with the U.S.-Canada agreement, if there are unique considerations that the DHS person wishes to consider with respect to the “public interest” exception to the application of an ACA, the person should inform the representative in a timely manner. See the implementation of the agreement between the Government of the United States and the Government of Canada on refugee claims in transit and at border ports, 69 EN to 69483 (DHS) (stating that the exception of the agreement is managed in the public interest “at best through operational guidance and on an individual-by-case basis.” 5. This interim rule provides for the existence of a regulatory structure specific to the U.S.-Canada agreement, to avoid disrupting long-standing processes and expectations regarding the implementation of this agreement. This rule allows for the implementation of ACA, which has a broader scope than the U.S.-Canada agreement, and therefore provides for a more robust threshold review mechanism to determine whether a foreigner is duly removed, subject to an ACA other than the U.S.-Canada agreement, which is closely addressed to third-country nationals wishing to enter the United States.

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