Severance Agreement Dansk

In addition, workers may be entitled to severance pay under their contract or as part of a collective agreement. We will be happy to advise you on how to enter into a severance agreement and the content of your contract. How and when should I cancel my message? What are my rights if my conditions of employment are radically changed? And what should I know about notice periods and severance agreements? Learn more about your rights and options for termination. We therefore advise you to consult your authorized agent before signing. You should also go to your unemployment insurance, as a voluntary withdrawal agreement can lead to you being quarantined. When a worker is dismissed after 12 or 17 years of dismissal, the worker is generally entitled to pay one or three months` wages as severance pay. The amount to be redeemed depends on the seniority of the worker on the last day of employment. Academics in positions that do not have dependant positions and those covered by one of the multi-union collective agreements have the same right to severance pay as employees who are covered by the Danish Workers` Act. A severance agreement is a voluntary termination agreement between you and the company. It is important to know all the details of the agreement before signing. The law firm NJORD helps you with severance pay with the employee. We recommend that you enter into a severance agreement if you are an employer who wants to terminate the employment fairly.

Your employer must dismiss you with notice that reflects your length of employment in the company. This applies whether you are the only person to have been made redundant or in the context of collective redundancies. The only exception is that both parties have reached an agreement to extend the notice period. In addition, the law firm NJORD assists you in drafting a written termination or termination agreement with the employee. You must make a month that expires at the end of a month. For example, if you announced your message on November 15, you can evacuate your mail on December 31. This provision applies unless an agreement has been reached with respect to an extended notice period. You are entitled to severance pay if you are laid off and have been working for the same company for more than 12 years. Depending on whether you have to fire an employee or other type of worker, different rules apply, for example.

B the rules governing legal notice periods. The notice periods for workers are set by the Danish Workers Act, while other notices are covered by collective agreements. The severance pay is paid to workers covered by a collective agreement under Section 2a of the Danish Workers Act (Funktion-Rloven) and to non-salaried workers who have the same right under a collective agreement. In principle, a redundancy agreement is an alternative to dismissal and should be considered as such. You should therefore ensure that the agreement contains at least the conditions to which you would be entitled if you had been dismissed. These apply to individual dismissals as well as collective dismissals; there is no general legal right to more than is provided for in an individual dismissal, unless it is provided for in a collective agreement or social plan.

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