Young Person Agreement

We appreciate your understanding and collaboration to help us help you and other young people. An activity agreement is an apprenticeship and activity program that a professional trusted helps to create a young person so that, if ready, he can move from the youth to training, training or employment. It can include volunteering, short courses, assisted learning and hands-on work experience. Young Aboriginal adults with a plan that meets the AYA criteria can seek help from their tribal group or council – they must be able to help with funding. If not, you can enter an AYA if you live on a reserve or reserve. In accordance with paragraphs 1 (a) to c) above, it is not possible to enter into an agreement to place a child or young person in the care of a person for a period of time beyond, if an agency chooses not to offer an agreement for assisted services, a letter must be sent to the young adult to explain the reason for its decision , written communication and the appeal procedure. A young adult has the right to appeal if he or she feels that assisted services are necessary but are not available. For young adults who continue to live in their former care homes, many of the above costs would not apply. with the agreement of a person referred to in paragraphs (a) (c) or another person approved by the Director General for the purposes of this paragraph, to place a young person 15 years of age or older in the custody of that person, in order to help the young person achieve independence. These requests are generally supported at the basic protection level. If additional funds are needed to support the agreement, the Agency must follow the special authorisation procedure at the Agency level. The child`s social worker should include the use of the Internet in the risk assessment when the young person enters office.

This will help determine the acceptable level of Internet use for this child and guide the process of implementing the agreements described below. When talking to a worker, the duration of your contract is tailored to your needs and the program you are on. You can have more than one agreement for a total of 48 months (4 years) of support. “Children and adolescents need to be able to protect themselves – it`s not just a top-down approach.

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