Want Better Posture – The Gokhale Method comes to Virginia Water

I have followed Esther Gokhale’s method for healthy, pain-free posture and movement by reading her book ‘8-steps-pain-free-back‘; watching online videos and displaying inspirational images on my screen saver.

I have shared what I have learned with most of my patients and I am very inspired by her story and methods.





inspirational posture

Carpenter with great posture

I am excited to hear that Sophie Dhenin from Scorpio Clinics, where I treat patients 3 days-a-week, has arranged for a foundation course to be run in Virginia Water at her practice.

This course is being run by a qualified Gokhale Method teacher, John Carter.

Use this link to sign up for the course. I believe spaces are limited to 8 places so do sign up soon to avoid disappointment.